Project Riftside Guest Access

Our goal is to make Riftside a leading social portal for League of Legends players. We felt that while some sites offer discussions, they were missing player stats and match history. Other sites would be the complete opposite. We're trying to bring all of that together in 1 website, where our users have the opportunity to enjoy both the social aspects as well as the metrics.

We invite you to be a participant in our project and be a part of the site's growth and expansion. Stay in touch with the game and community on and off the rift!

[img] Your profile page is not just a place where you can post updates about yourself, your progress or any other topic you'd wish to share with others. It also allows you to share your statistics, like ranks, match history, most played champs or champion masteries. New features are constantly being developed.
[img] After setting your Twitch username in your Profile Information, a player will automatically show up on your Riftside profile page when you're streaming on Twitch. On the dashboard there is also a list showing all the Riftside members that are currently streaming.
When you post something on your wall, your followers will be able to read it from their feed and like or comment on it. Users who don't follow you will only see your wall posts by viewing your profile page directly.

Tagging other users or spaces in your posts is possible simply by writing @ and then typing their name. They will also be notified that they were tagged in your post. You can also tag spaces, which is especially great when you want to message or mention a team.

Hashtags can be used in posts simply by adding # in front of a word. Clicking hashtagged words allows you to find interesting public discussions and trends.
[img] A major part of the communication on Riftside works with spaces. Spaces can literally be anything:
a team, a group or just a simple topic. For every space you can invite multiple users and set your own access rights (public or private) and rules. Posts in spaces will show up on any user's feed as long as they are a member of that space. In this case they don't need to be following an individual.